Veronica Kole

Team Snooki Music’s, Veronica Kole is a unique 18 year old pop artist from New Jersey. With over 300 performances within the last 5 years, thousands of fans on her social networking websites, and the millions of people she’s performed in front of, nothing will stop her from reaching the top. Not only is music her passion but she dances, plays guitar, piano, writes all her own music, and sings/writes in Spanish. At the age of 9 after the death of her brother, she found her passion in music. She started in School and Church choirs, along with an Opera choir and sang in Rome for the Pope at only 12 years old. She has also headlined at Hershey Park, Disney World, Six Flags Great Adventure, Royal Caribbean cruise line, Prudential Center, Mohegan Sun and many other stadiums and huge venues.

Touring up and down the East Coast; Veronica performed in Tennessee, Chicago, Ohio, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Charleston, all around Florida, and of course the Tri State Area, in over 30 days of consecutive touring within the past two years. Not only has she performed in the U.S, but out of the country; she’s performed in Italy, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and Honduras. She has recently done her 2nd interview with 103.5 KTU on KTU cares, Telemundo, NJN, and News 12 NJ. She’s also appeared on TV, radio, movies, commercials, magazine covers, and more. Other than singing, Veronica devotes majority of her time helping people in need. She’s a 4 year Youth Ambassador for the American Diabetes Association and Por Tu Familia in which she has done many speeches, sponsorship letters, and fundraisers for, as well as performing for the American Cancer Society in several fund raisers.

Within the last year, she has started her own award winning Anti Bullying Campaign called “Become a VeRoleModel, STOP Bullying” and has spoken at over 20 schools this year alone, hosted events, donated to other organizations, and most importantly, saved the lives of many children of all ages who she’s impacted not only in person, but online. With her faithful fans traveling from all over to meet her, supporting her in every step of her journey, and playing one of the biggest roles in her career; Veronica continues her journey with a open heart and a huge appreciation for everyone who has helped her come so far. Her relatable songs, charisma on and off stage, bubbly personality, individual sense of style and artistry, hardworking determination, and positive message makes her a true “America’s sweetheart”.  Veronica hopes to connect with audiences around the world, share her music with ears across the globe, and become every young person’s “Every Day Superhero”.

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Lose Your Love (English Version)

Can’t No More